Penny Strobbe
Customer Review
A perfect example of reliable and good son was told by an oil change place that he may have a transaxle leak. So we took it to the car dealer to have it checked and/or fixed. They said it was an oil pan leak and was going to cost over $2300 to fix it. Told them no we would hold off since the car is almost 10 years old. Pd them $125 to look at it. Took it to Bob’s for a “2nd opinion”. It does have a leak but knowing I didn’t want to put $2300 into it he said just keep an eye on the oil level and if it gets low just add the oil in between oil changes. Saved us a lot of money and the car has been fine. Thanks again Bob!!
Penny Strobbe
Customer Review
The most honest and dependable shop in town!! I always know I’m not going to get ripped off!!
Diagnostic Tablet on engine transmission sensor

Our Port Huron drivers have been experiencing issues with their transmissions and there are a few things that we here at Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center feel are important to know so that you are more comfortable and confident if you are, indeed experiencing a transmission problem of any kind. First, if you drive a vehicle manufactured in the past few decades, there’s a good chance your transmission has a variety of sensors attached to it which monitors all kinds of things - fluid pressure, vehicle speed, temperature, air intake at the engine, and so on.  The first thing to check is your Transmission Sensor, which is a much more affordable fix than replacing your transmission!

Fast, reliable, and good people. - Tim T. (5 star review on Google)

mechanic checking list with car hood up

What does “remanufactured” mean, and is it something you want? At Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center in Port Huron, MI, we strive for great service and a job well done. Part of that is equipping you with the knowledge you need to understand what’s going on when a repair is necessary on your car, truck or SUV. “Remanufactured” is a word that you’ll encounter in the automotive world. Many people perceive that to mean “used”, but that isn’t the case - here’s what you need to know.

mechanic working on the brakes of a car

Obviously, your brakes are pretty important. Your brake system is made of many components that all have to work correctly for your brakes to operate seamlessly. If one thing needs to be repaired, the whole system is compromised. Brake pads, rotors, hoses, calipers, and metal lines all play a part in stopping your car. At Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center in Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center, we’re here to make sure your car, truck, or SUV stops as it should.


If you drive a performance or luxury vehicle made by manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, Land Rover, Porsche, etc., you’re probably no stranger to state of the art electronics, sensors, and control systems. At Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center, our technicians have the right knowledge, ability, and equipment necessary to keep your car or SUV in top-notch condition.

car parts At Bob's Truck Repair & Car Care Center in Port Huron, MI, we’re in the business of quality. Quality work, quality parts, and quality service keep a business going. Here is a quick rundown on why it’s important to install components that will perform reliably, and keep you taken care of in the event that they don’t.

  • Jasper
  • 24-Hour Dropoff
  • Acdelco
  • ASE
  • Auto Value
  • BG Products
  • Bosch Automotive
  • Bumper to Bumber
  • Cooper Tires
  • Cummins Diesel
  • Duramax Diesel
  • Fleet Services
  • Ford Power Stroke Diesel
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Kendall Oil
  • Magnaflow
  • MACS
  • Motorcraft Parts
  • NAPA AutoCare Center
  • NAPA Truck Service Center
  • Radiator
  • Shuttle Service
  • State Inspection
  • Synchrony
  • Tires
  • Towing
  • Wifi Available

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